Wildflower Wall – Pencil
Wildflower Wall – Pencil

Wildflower Wall – Pencil

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This living and breathing landscape holds the secret to a past that stretches back over the centuries, it’s a truly unique place. Every visit is wild and enchanting; the change of seasons and constantly evolving landscape with ancient, twisted paths determine endless discoveries time after time.

Wildflower Wall - Pencil

In Devon, each May bestows upon us the privilege of witnessing a breath-taking tapestry of wildflowers adorning the landscapes. Emerging from sturdy dry-stone walls, this enchanting display unfolds before our eyes, bursting with vibrant life. Comprising a captivating blend of stocks, foxgloves, daisies, sea thrift, clovers, and a myriad of other exquisite blooms, this natural spectacle captivates the senses and leaves an indelible impression. This version is a combination of a screen-print and classic pencil colouring in.

Colour Description: Black, yellow, burnt orange, deep blue & turquoise.

Roll Dimensions: 52cm x 10.05m

Pattern Repeat: 74cm - Vertical Repeat - Half Drop

Paper: 147GSM Uncoated Non Woven Digital Print

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