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About Ivy & Ethel - Wallpaper

Hello! I'm Mel, the passionate artist creating wonders from my humble kitchen table.

It's a pleasure to introduce my brand, Ivy & Ethel, born out of a collection of prints, drawings, and paintings that have been patiently waiting in the depths of my under stairs cupboard. I couldn't help but think these creations would make extraordinary wallpapers. Countless scans, countless hours in Photoshop, and many late nights later, Ivy & Ethel came to life. Though I wish I had a more elaborate story to share, that's truly how it all began.

Originally hailing from Yorkshire and a graduate in Fashion Design from Northumbria University, I now call Devon my home. My background lies in the realms of fashion and interior design. I had the privilege of completing a placement at the esteemed textile designer Zandra Rhodes, and later spent five enriching years in the ceramics industry as a new products and surface pattern designer.

Craftsmanship holds a special place in my heart, and I wholeheartedly incorporate various traditional printing methods into my work. My signature style revolves around the allure of hand-drawn, screen-printed, or lino-cut, which I refine during my time at the extraordinary Double Elephant Print Studio in Exeter, where talent thrives abundantly.

I find immense joy in seeking fresh inspiration, particularly amidst the moors and coastlines that surround me. I capture the beauty I encounter through photographs and translate them into captivating designs at my kitchen table - a process that always accompanies a steaming cup of coffee and a delectable slice of cake. Sharing these creations, born out of my passion and spare time, with you is a true honour, and I sincerely hope they become cherished additions to your home.

Just so you know, I collaborate with the finest digital printers in the industry, ensuring that the essence of Ivy & Ethel shines brightly in every roll. The same printers and quality paper are employed by renowned wallpaper brands, guaranteeing the utmost excellence in every piece.

Feel free to browse through my collection and join me on Instagram @ivy_and_ethel. If you have any questions or simply fancy a chat, please don't hesitate to reach out. Your presence and curiosity are always welcomed and appreciated.